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Kia Sabz Koosha Corporation was constituted in 2011 with aims to support the agricultural infrastructures in case of production the different powdery or liquid chemical fertilizers, supply the other agriculture inputs such as pesticides and seeds with the best quality, and present the consulting services and development of import and export of agriculture facilities along with preservation of environment.

Since using the proper fertilizer, time and method of irrigation event is very effective in the removal of weed and prevention of diseases and pests and increases the plant resistance against the diseases and pests. This corporation was constituted to promote the quality and quantity level of efficiency in agriculture farms, soil and human health and is determined to increase the efficiency in agriculture fields based on technical knowledge of its engineers and managers and experts and produce and distribute the production accordance with needs of each area.

This corporation analyzed the soil samples, freely, using its factories and laboratories and also produces its products based on the international standards using the updated information and relation with world`s scientific and research centers with an precise control on all of the products.

Every efforts to increase the agriculture products is valuable and vital due to the essential importance of the agriculture sector in the nations nutrition and economy and it is necessary to replace the traditional methods of agriculture with the new and scientific methods. There is a hope that these efforts have been a small service to reduce the production costs and increase the agriculture production quality in world.

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